Constantly Bombarded By New Legislation?


Struggling To Keep Abreast Of Each New Government Initiative?


Do you live in fear of the next inspection? A food safety officer calling, OFSTED?


Is your  Health and Safety Officer screaming about risk assesments?


It is a fact of life that Red Tape and Bureaucracy are dominating Our Work Space


DaTech, cut through the Red Tape, and keep you up to speed with all the latest Legal  Requirements.


Those You Must  implement, and just as importantly those that you Must not.


DaTech Education  Provide A Fully Subscribe Support Membership.


We Focus On The Legislation Allowing You To Focus On The Work.


DaTech Education

We Specialise in

Health and Safety In Educational Establishments

Catering Training

We have standard courses which are designed to meet the general needs of students or teachers or we offer bespoke courses to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us now for your training and record keeping  solutions.


Managing Your Training And Keeping You Safe