About DaTech

Proprietor Judi Greenhalgh, is an experienced city and county school Design and Technology teacher, with over 20 years practical experience, specialising  in Food and Textiles.

Currently facilitating the “Cooking & Nutrition Program” for primary schools. Now mandatory for KS1 and KS2.

Known for her networking and with a natural flair for social inclusion she set up the Leicestershire Food Teacher Network to share good and bad practice and assessment techniques and discuss issues of class sizes for practical subjects. This grew and incorporated LEA county advisors to attend and was disseminated to other D&T subjects.

Bringing industry into school and visits to Real Working Environments was a great learning experience for KS3 students. Bringing the private and public sector into the education environment of a classroom and organising trips out. KS4 visits were always to enhance to GCSE topic for that year.

Now working with individual schools and academies supporting their needs and concerns in D&T departments is very rewarding. Health and Safety is predominantly at the forefront of the learning experience.

Judi is also a P.G.C.E. tutor for The Open University, offering guidance and supporting trainee teachers into Design and Technology.

In addition Judi is currently:


Managing Your Training And Keeping You Safe