Food Safety

Food Safety Level 1 for KS3 Students and Disaffected Pupils.

The national awarding body organisation HABC and the Food for Life partnership have worked together to develop a Level 1 national award in Food Safety qualification aimed at key stage 3 in schools. This has been developed with Key Food Technology teachers to be specific for both the domestic and educational setting whilst also completing the food technology curriculum.

Benefits :
– A nationaly recognised qualification
– Assessed through a multiple choice question paper,
– Links directly to the food curriculum
– Increased knowledge to food safety and hygiene that can be used in the home
– Builds self esteem,
– Low cost exam fees.

Food Safety Level 2 for Food Teaching Staff

These one day courses are aimed at Primary and Secondary teachers who teach A Food Curiculum. It is crucial that teachers and support staff can identify the hazards and assess the risks, and determine how to remove or control the risks within an educational environment.

 Secondary School Food Safety Level 2 Catering.

Theory or practical, full day sessions incorporating Food Safety Level 2 …

either CIEH or Highfields ABC  Certificate

Primary School Staff Food Safety

Primary school staff can do a food competency practical day covering the FSL2, Scheme of work, lesson plans and relevant resources. Please ask for details.

– Know how to plan, organise, supervise and manage a practical food lesson.
– Recognise food safety and hygiene hazards in classrooms or dinning halls.
– Know how implement a H and S policy for safe work practice in the department.
– OFSTED inspects qualifications and Risk Assessments as part of the safe guarding criteria.
– Know how to handle an accident in school either pupil or staff
– Cost effective training

Food Safety Level 2 and 3 in other contexts

The law requires that all food handlers need to be trained according to their food handling work activities. These qualifications will assist food business operators prove that they have displayed due diligence. Employees who handle food will gain a firm grasp of the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved.

Level 2 – ensures that food handlers are aware of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce, Food safety law and enforcement, HACCP, Microbiological & contamination hazards and controls, food poisoning and controls etc. A one day activity based course with a multiple choice exam paper.

Level 3 – ensures that supervisors are aware of the legislation applicable to food safety and how to best communicate the required standards to employees. A 4 day activity based course with multiple choice exam paper.

– Good value for money,
– National recognised qualification
– Builds confidence within food work environment
– Activity based course


Managing Your Training And Keeping You Safe